WT series sander

Standard Model: WT RRR1300

Advantage of MT series:-

1-Quality improvement

The automatic edge-finding technology adapts well to the abrasive belt. The low-frequency oscillation of the abrasive belt forms the sanding texture a straight-grain effect, while the wood grain texture is clear, natural and thorough.

With the Ultra-wide polishing pad structure, the board surface touches by the abrasive belt per unit time is more than 3 times than the previous sanding pad. It makes the surface of the board even smoother.

The ultra-wide, tensile and wear-resistant conveyor belt is beneficial to release the uneven stress on the edge of the conveyor belt. Compared with the general conveyor belt in the industry, the sanding quality of the workpiece is improved by 2%.

2-Low operation and maintenance cost

The automatic lift-and-lower technology of the sand roller quickly lift the sand roller under abnormal conditions to protect the workpiece and the sand roller itself, which reduce the over sanding on the head and tail of the plate and improve the qualified rate of finished products.

The circumference of the abrasive belt is increased by 20%, reducing the number of downtimes for changing the abrasive belt, saves 30% working hours. And the whole series of models are unified, reducing procurement and warehouse management costs

The innovative belt cleaning system automatically cleans the belt in operation, uses the air cooling effect to cool the belt, and increases the service life time of the belt by 33%.

3-Safe Production

The workpiece anti-rebound technology prevents accidental rebound of the workpiece and ensures the operator's safety.

The automatic lifting technology of the sand roller quickly lifts the sand roller under abnormal conditions to protect the workpiece and equipment.

The equipment is equipped with emergency stop buttons in all directions. In the event of danger, operator can stop the machine at any time to ensure the safety.

4S braking technology. In case of emergency, the equipment can be reduced from a high running speed of 22m/s to 0 within 4 seconds, effectively protecting both worker and product

4-Green technology

The high-speed jet cleaning technology makes the surface of the workpiece clean and flawless after sanding, allow the next process directly carried out without extra cleaning process.

The low-pressure, low-speed-to-high-pressure, high-speed dust removal system designed after professional aerodynamic calculation + CAE analysis effectively ensure the hygiene of the workshop. The adaptive frequency conversion technology automatically adjusts the output power according to the working conditions, saving 20% of energy costs.

The BS transmission technology reduces the friction during positioning, output large torque with a low-power motor, which saves 50% of energy compared with the traditional transmission technology.

5-Stable and reliable

Each component is optimized and redesigned after parameter calculation + CAE analysis. Whether welding, casting, heat treatment, machining and other manufacturing processes are within the control range. The purchased parts are also within the control range, so that the mechanical structure is solid and stable without deformation, which improves the stability of the equipment.

6-Friendly human-computer interaction

Ergonomic design, the operator's operating angle can be adjusted as needed. The control buttons, emergency buttons and emergency automatic judgment sensors are reasonably arranged to improve the comfort of operation.

7-High scalability

The application of system standardized interface, unified platform level, facilitates information integration, facilitates the access of flexible production lines, and the replacement of new and old equipment, improves the utilization of production lines, and reduces the cost of production line transformation..

8-Rapid deployment

Equipped with the MME intelligent control system, the production line, MES and other intelligent controls can be seamlessly connected. The integration speed is fast and stable. One-button to call the sanding formula, fault alarm prompt.

Technical Data:-


WT RRR1300

Max. working width(mm)


Min. working length(mm)


Working thickness(mm)


Feed speed(m/min)


Total power(kw)


Belt size(mm)






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