Vertical Band Resaw

Standard Model:TF 900D


➢ Feed roller is driven by hydraulic power (Variable speed).

➢ Feed roller is driven by hydraulic system, making the machine ideal for cutting various wood materials.

➢ Feed roller movement is actuated by air/hydraulic combination cylinder.

➢Feed roller can be quickly changed to fully automatic or semi-automatic mode. This feature provides added convenience for cutting various sizes of wood.

➢ Powered elevation of upper wheel permits convenient blade replacement. A handwheel is provided for micrometric adjustment.

Cutting Application:-

Optional Feed Roller:-




Minimum thickness of cut

3 mm

Distance from fence to blade

230 mm

Distance from feed roller to blade

190 mm

Table height from floor

975 mm

Wheel diameter

915 mm

Wheel width

90 mm

Width of blade

100 mm

Length of blade

5760 mm

Feed speed


Wheel drive motor

30 HP

Hydraulic pump motor

2 HP

Net/Gross weight

2800/3000 kgs

Packing dimensions

262x142x255 cm

Machine Features:-

➢ Powered feed roller combined with automatic clamping and unclamping of workpiece for operational convenience.

➢Feed speed is variable.

➢Rollers on both infeed and outfeed end of table gives convenient resawing operation.

➢Easy to install, which requires no further construction job.

➢The heavy duty saw wheel is dynamically balanced for smooth running.

➢Saw wheels run on precision bearing.

➢Blade tension can be accurately read from the rule gauge.

➢Fence setting is fast and convenient to make.

➢The entire fence assembly is ruggedly constructed, featuring high rigidity and durability.

➢Automatic lubricator provides lubrication and cooling for the sawblade. It also reduces considerable noise leve.

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