Multiple Spindle Vertical Slicer Machine

Standard Model:SKG-230S


The SKG-230S series not only combines the features of traditional 4-side moulder, but also provides slicing function. The series is designed for saving machining time while greatly upgrading throughput. The SKG-230S is a special purpose machine with cross cut and slicing function. It's applicable for composite parquet, Venetian blind, window curtain and air-tight window, etc.

Motorize Out Feed Vertical Roller Device (Optional)

Mounted at the end of out feed table to provide Finish product feeding smoothly after splitting.

Scoring Sawblades

The machine is available to equip with additional scoring sawblades for slicing. The scoring blades may avoid tearing problem while upgrading slicing speed.

Multiple Sheets Slicing

The two vertical spindles can be fitted with multiple sawblades for producing multiple sheets at a time.

Sawblade Cleaning Device

The cleaning solvent reservoir provides solvent flushing together with outside cooling air to the blades for cleaning off the dusts existed on the blades. It also helps to reduce heat generation on the blades. The cleaning device permits time setting as desired.




Working width min.~max.

60~180 mm

Product thickness range

2~20 mm

Max. sheets of slicing

Max. 5 sheets

Spindle motor

7.5 HP~10 HP

Scoring sawblade motor

10 HP (Opt. 15 HP)

Slicing blade motor

20 HP (Opt. 30HP, 40HP)

Feeding speed

4~24 M/min

Feed drive motor

5 HP

Spindle speed

6,000 RPM

Scoring blade spindle speed

3000 RPM

Slicing blade spindle speed

3000 RPM (Inverter control 2800~6000 RPM Optional)

Infeed table length

1.2 M

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