Standard Model:SKG-230GH


The SKG-230GH series is designed and engineered for great saving for your wood cost. The short wood come from other machines are reusable on the SKG-230GH series. With its high speed feed system, you not only save cost of wood waste, but also get high efficiency production. It's a highly productive series you've come to expect.

Min. Working Length 150 mm

Automatic Feeding for Short Stock.

Pneumatic Element for Left Spindle

Pneumatic element for left spindle. Reduced distance between feed rollers.

Groove Guide Table

Moulder machine equip groove guide table can process short timber or twisted timber

• Feeding speed 10-80 M/min
• Working width 35-150 mm.
• Variable feed speed controlled by frequency inverter. Feed speed display.

Multiple Rip Saw Blades (Optional)

The multiple rip saw blades are available only for 6-spindle model. • The saw blades are mounted on the 5th top spindle.




Working width min.~max.

35~230 mm

Working height min.~max

10~120 mm

Min. working length

150 mm

Infeed table length

1.2 M

Motor horse power

10 HP & 15HP

Feeding power

7.5 HP

Feeding speed

10~60 M/min

Diameter of spindle

40 mm (Opt. 50mm)

Spindle speed

7,200 RPM

Tool diameter of first bottom spindle

125~160 mm

Tool diameter of vertical spindle

125~180 mm

Tool diameter of horizontal spindle

125~180 mm

Adjustment range of straightening table and edge-joint

10 mm

Adjustment of vertical spindle

50 mm

Adjustment of horizontal spindle

30 mm

Diameter of feeding roller

140 x ø35mm

Width of steel feed roller

25 mm

Width of steel feed rollers opposite left spindle

20 mm

Width of rubber feed roller

50 mm

Max. cutting capacity for 1st bottom spindle

10 mm

Max. cutting capacity for 2st right vertical spindle

10 mm

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