Standard Model: SK-450GH


1. The high speed double side planer employs high efficiency gear-drive speed reducer. It is ideal for long time running and features better heat dissipation capability. This combined with the use of high speed heavy duty chain for feeding reduce noise during high speed running, while achieving stable and smooth feeding effect.

2. The high speed double side planer is designed with additional feed roller above the infeed table, that facilitates wood infeed. In addition, driven roller is equipped in the infeed table. The combination of upper and lower infeed roller provide powerful, high speed and smooth feeding even for moisturized or warped wood.

3.The outfeed mechanism employs air cylinder loading to upgrade machining stability. In addition, the machine is also equipped with auxiliary outfeed roller and rear outfeed driven roller, providing fast outfeed of wood without jamming. Upon request, a belt conveyor is available (optional) to connect to the outfeed end for online with the production line.

4.A safety switch is provided for protection during replacing the top cutterhead. Even the top cutterhead start switch is pressed, it does not run. This safety switch will prevent danger resulted from accidental starting when replacing cutterhead. When the last piece of wood is existing at the outfeed port, if operator carelessly press the elevation switch, this will cause squeeze on wood resulting in the machine damage. To eliminate such problem, an elevation safety switch is provided on the outfeed port for protecting the operator and the machine.

5.The movable control box allows for more convenient and efficient setting and trouble shooting. All instructions on the control panel are easy to identify and understand for operational convenience. When cutterhead is running, the mechanism raising and lowering motions can be set at prohibited condition for protecting operator's safety.

6.The belt tension adjustment device locate under the bottom cutter block which make belt tension easily to check and adjust. It is also more convenient for operator to take belts off and put belts back on when the bottom cutter block need to replace the cutting tool.

7.The powerful feeding through system is transported by chains. It makes perfect finish quality under this system and feed through without jamming. This machine also equip antioverload device to protect the feeding system from damage when workpiece jam in machine.

8.The specially designed front and rear pressure plates for top cutterhead hold wood firmly that eliminates the wave marking problem caused by uneven pressure that may affect cutting quality. Besides, when simultanously feeding wood with varied thickness, the front pressure plate provides extra stable pressure to hold wood (see figure). Chips deposit at this position is also eliminated.

Technical Data:-



Max. working width

15-450 mm

Max. working height

10-150 mm

Speed of cutter block

6,000 RPM

Max. cutting for each cutter head

10 mm

Feeding speed

10~40 M/min

Drive upper feed roller

2 sets, ø96 mm

Driven table roller

3 sets, ø96 mm

Idle table roller

1 sets, ø96 mm

Upper cutter head power

20 HP

Bottom cutter head power

15 HP

Feeding power

5 HP

Elevation power

1 HP

Machine packing size(LxWxH)



2,500 KGS

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