Standard Model:F862JSR


1. The machine control interface is designed to be user-friendly, and the operator can be put on the job with simple training, no skilled workers are needed. The machine moves quickly and efficiently, helping you to achieve a leap in production capacity

2. Pre-milling device, the side of the board chipping phenomenon, residual burrs, side steps for secondary processing, so as to make the sealing surface more clean and flat, to ensure that the amount of glue applied to the glue surface is small and more uniform, so that the sealing effect is more perfect. Better integrity and aesthetics.

3.Solve the problem of the cold period of the board is too cold so that the glue solidifies too fast and the viscosity is low; baking lamp device can make the glue slow solidification and higher viscos

4.Pressing and pasting device to improve the ability of pressing together the glue line, you can get a smaller glue line, each pressing and pasting wheel with scraping device, you can eradicate the glue layer adhering to the surface of the pressing wheel, keep the surface of the pressing wheel clean.

5.Flush device, using automatic tracking against the mold and high-frequency high-speed motor fast cutting and other structures to ensure that the cutting surface is flat and smooth..

6.It is used to trim the excess edge material on the top and bottom part of the edge band of the processed board. It adopts the structure of automatic tracking by the die and high frequency and high speed motor to ensure the flatness and smoothness of the top and bottom part of the trimmed board.

7.Multi-channel automatic tape change function, no tape prompt automatically switch another group of edge banding into, without manual intervention, but also according to the sweeping information automatically match the edge banding, optional double channel, four channels, six channels and other specifications configuration

8.Guide rail type double thickness four head tracking, independent four corner tracking chamfering, fast speed, high efficiency, easy debugging; using linear square rail guide, more stable operation; double thickness function, two thicknesses a key switch without debugging

9.The scraping device can meet the fast switching of thick and thin strips, and also can make multiple scraping, with better scraping effect and higher capacity. Two sets of scraping edge can meet the different thickness of the sealing strip to get a satisfactory trimming arc, and reduce the frequency of machine adjustment.

10.Use cotton polishing wheel to clean up the processed board and make the sealing end face smoother by polishing; waxing and polishing unit to improve the brightness of the sealing edge and better sealing effect, independent servo control polishing wax dosage to avoid secondary cleaning

Technical Data:-



Feeding Speed


tape thickness


Panel Thickness


Cover plate size

≥80mm*120mm : ≥50mm*300mm

Total Power


Overall Size


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