Standard Model: SK-600G


1. The heavy cast-iron machine frame structure is computer-design to provide optimal vibration absorption, the precise plane surface processing ensure the precision and long life of the machine.

2. Tool replacement and setting are very convenient which shorten the down time to the least limit and upgrade the work efficiency.

3.. Use of pressure pin caterpillar to feed workpiece through give you smooth and stable workpiece to achieve prefect finish quality.

4.Feed speed is controlled by a frequency inverter, allowing for selecting desired feed speed to accurately meet workpiece material

5.This machine equip anti-overload device to protect feeding system. With the premise of machine protection, if the workpiece jam in the machine or break down of conveying caterpillar chains will make feeding system stop feeding workpiece..

6.This machine equip conveying caterpillar chains tension auto-adjustment device. It avoid damage of chains from tension tightness is not enough while in processing.

7.This machine equip 3 sets of table roller. They can reduce the friction between workpiece and table and provide less wear when working hard and abrasive timbers.

8.All kinds of switches and mechanical adjustment of this machine are very handy and ease of operation.

Technical Data:-



Max. working width

15-600 mm

Max. working height

10-150 mm

Speed of cutter block

4,000 RPM

Max. cutting for each cutter head

10 mm

Feeding speed

6~24 M/min

Drive upper feed roller

2 sets, ø101 mm

Driven table roller

2 sets, ø101 mm

Idle table roller

1 sets, ø96 mm

Upper cutter head power

20 HP (25HP op)

Bottom cutter head power

15 HP (20HP op)

Feeding power

3 HP (5HP op)

Elevation power

1 HP

Machine packing size(LxWxH)



3,200 KGS

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