Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Standard Model:F750SR


Suitable for straight line sealing of plank, fiberboard, particleboard, etc. The sealing material can be solid wood bar, PVC, melamine, thin veneer, etc

➢ Equipped with an exquisite thermometer, it is sensitive to temperature and provides accurate heating temperature in real time.

➢ Overvoltage and undervoltage circuit protection, effectively protect the electronic components of the equipment, and remind customers to provide stable working power.

➢ The head-aligning device moves through precise linear guides, and adopts the structure of automatic mold tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor fast cutting to ensure that the cut surface is flat and smooth.

➢ The finishing device is used to repair the excess edge-sealing material on the upper and lower parts of the edge-banding belt of the processed plate. It adopts the structure of automatic mold tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimmed plate.

➢Equipped with a double-glue pot pressing and sticking system, which can quickly switch between dark and light colors of glue to reduce the visibility of the glue line.




Edge tape thickness


Panel thickness


Feeding speed


Min panel width


Min panel length
(not pre-milling)


Panel spacing


Total Power




Air pressure





1- PC Control System:- CAM software has independent intellectual property rights, supports code scanning processing, automatically matches edge sealing information and records monthly production data.

2- Pre-milling:- To solve the defects of burr, edge collapse, cutting surface is not straight, edge sealing surface is not vertical and so on caused by the material cutting of the plate. It is repaired again to achieve better edge sealing effect and make the edge sealing strip and the plate fit more closely, and the integrity and aesthetics are better

3- Double Gluing Pot:- Standard with two glue pot + two quick heat device, can choose a glue pot +PUR glue machine,Another glue pot position is reserved, and the bed and overall length of the equipment remain unchanged

4- Roast Lamp:- Solve the problem that the glue solidifies too fast and the viscosity is low during the cold period;

5- Gluing&Pressure:- It is equipped with standard six-wheel pressing device to improve the ability of pressing glue line and obtain smaller glue line. Each pressing wheel has a scraping device to remove the adhesive layer on the surface of the pressing wheel and keep the surface of the pressing wheel clean.

6- Double Guide Rail End Cutting:- Linear guides and cylinders are imported brands to ensure stable and reliable operation;

The principle of balance gas keeps the heads in a suspended state, minimizes the impact force between the plate and the head mold, and solves the problems of stumbling and falling corners

7- Pneumatic tool back rough&fine Trimming:- Rough trimming and finishing trimming devices meet the fast switching of thick and thin belts, with stable quality, convenience and efficiency, and increase production capacity.

8- High Speed 4 Corner-trimming:- The four-head tracking device adopts a guide rail structure, and the high-speed operation is more stable

Double thickness pneumatic switching, no need to re-adjust the thickness of the edge banding

9- Pneumatic tool back scraping:- Equipped with pneumatic knife back scraping, it can meet the fast switching of thick and thin tape, and can also be scraped for many times, with better scraping effect and improved productivity

10- Flat Scraping:- Precisely scrape off the excess glue at the glue line, reduce the amount of glue residue, and obtain better surface cleanliness.

11- Reciprocating polishing:- Use a cotton polishing wheel to clean the processed plate, and make the end face of the edge band smoother by polishing.

12- Narrow plate auxiliary support wheel :-Install narrow board auxiliary support wheel device at key positions; improve the edge sealing effect of narrow and long strips.

13- Auxiliary pressure wheel:- An auxiliary pressing device is added on the outside of the pressing material and the guide rail beam to increase the pressing force on the plate, and it is not easy to cause the running plate phenomenon and improve the edge sealing effect of the narrow plate end.

14- Intelligent lifting system:- The lifting system increases the function of counting the encoder, directly input the thickness of the plate in the operation screen, and the pressure beam automatically runs to the specified position, reducing manual operation.

15- Heavy duty high strength bed:- The rigidity of the bed is improved by increasing the height of the cross-section of the bed, and the bed has no bending deformation, and long-term use can also ensure good stability;

The guide rail beam and the lifting installation surface are finished, the linear precision of the guide rail beam is high, and the plate runs smoothly;

16- Auxiliary feeding support :- Lengthen the length of the feeding plate to reduce the difficulty of manual operation.

17- Double channel edge tape car:- The double-channel storage belt car replaces the disc, and the belt free detection switch is designed on the storage belt car, which can provide a warning signal when the edge tape is about to be used up..

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